Bryant Auction was founded in 1967 by Richard Bryant, Sr. who recognized a need in the community for an auction team backed by education, licensing, and a professional approach to offering the best method for those in need of selling their possessions. After seeing several instances where treasured family heirlooms and other valuable items were liquidated by others in a careless fashion, he decided if his name were attached, there would be only one way to provide the service. To always care, be honest and fair, have compassion, and back it all with great knowledge of value. He often said, "You can't sell it, if you don’t know what it’s worth." Mr. & Mrs. Bryant had four children which all helped in the auction business. His oldest son, Rick, became the youngest licensed auctioneer in the state of Iowa at just 13 years old. This is what laid the foundation for what Bryant Auction LLC. has become today.

Now located in the heart of The Lake of the Ozarks, Bryant Auction is the Lake's leader in auctions. Just like Richard Bryant Sr., Rick has made it a family business. Rick's son, Dylan, is the cashier, the company's webmaster, and marketing coordinator. Rick's daughter, Danyale, is one of the company's best clerks. And Rick's brother, Bobby, is the auction house manager. Besides the family, Bryant Auction has several other auctioneers, clerks, ringmen, and office staff. After years of hard work and determination, Bryant Auction, a multi-generational professional family auction company was picked over hundreds of auction companies across the nation for a reality TV series called "SOLD!" produced by Evident Entertainment for The History Channel. With the best resources, knowledge, experience, staff, and equipment, who else would you pick to be your auction company?

With a the desire to offer cutting edge services, the Bryants average over 125 auctions per year for clients in dozens of counties and provide services to over forty charities every year free of charge. That client oriented service has made Bryant Auction one of the premier auction services of today.