All items paid with credit card will have a 3% service charge added to successful bids. All checks not honored by the bank will incur a $35 charge. Checks that do not clear will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. All registration is videotaped. Some auctions impose a buyer’s premium of 5-10% per item added to the high bid. If you have questions call for details for each auction.

Stop payments, credit card charge reversals, or any holdover of payment for items are considered fraudulent and may create civil penalties.  You acknowledge that Bryant Auction, LLC and their clients have incurred expense in holding the auction and your nonpayment causes expenses to Bryant Auction, LLC and their clients, you agree to reimburse any reasonable expenses and legal cost to Bryant Auction, LLC and their clients should you fail to pay for any reason.

Items purchased are not to be removed from auction site until paid for. All purchases are your responsibility. Full payment for all purchases must be made same day as auction. No arrangements or time is allowed for payment. If you cannot afford the purchase do not bid! All bids are considered legal obligations to pay. If you cannot find your purchases or you have changed your mind for any reason you are still required to pay for all items purchased before sale ends.

All items are sold without warranty. As is where is, no warranty expressed or implied. You are responsible to conduct your own due diligence. Bryant Auction, LLC, its staff, clients or associates make no representation of worth or condition. All reference statements made by Bryant Auction, LLC its staff and associates should be verified by the buyer prior to bidding. This statement supersedes all other announcements and advertisements. Items like but not limited to guns, vehicles, recreational vehicles, tools, sporting equipment, appliances, and furniture may be dangerous, we recommend that you take a safety course for the item purchased and seek qualified experts if you have questions about use, operation, handling, storing, etc. You agree to hold Bryant Auction, LLC, its staff, and associates harmless for injury and damages, reimbursing Bryant Auction, LLC, its staff and associates  for any reasonable legal defense. 

Your attendance and participation at any Bryant Auction is your agreement that you understand the terms herein and that Bryant Auction, LLC., is to be held harmless from the sale of any item, inclusive, but not limited to personal injury or damages. All Bryant Auctions are videotaped and subject to the laws of the state of Missouri. If there is anything in the above terms you do not understand or have a question about please contact Bryant Auction® LLC. before attending an auction. Bryant Auction is represented by the Mark Webb Law Firm - 573.216.1320