James & Tara Sawyer

"My family would like to thank Rick Bryant and the entire crew for helping my father sell his Corvette for $1300.00 more than expected. I personally would like to thank everyone for helping our family in a time of great need. Money doesn't solve all problems, but it really helped us this time. Words can't give enough thanks for all of the help your team has given us."

Jim Moore, J.D.
Client - Laclede County Judge

Mike Pickford

Dr. Miles Neis

Robert Ditton

"You really worked your tails off! Gave all the employees $100 bonuses on us!"

Ken Hobbs

Janet Hamilton

"Rick, you were soooo right when you said the bracelet (that my son bought for $7.50) felt good. I just returned from the jeweler; it was solid 14K gold with 77 diamonds! Wow! See you next week."

Dwight Franklin
Client - Camden County Sheriff

Greg Leuhamm
Client - President/CEO Mid America Bank & Trust

"Exceeded our expectations by $80,000.00!"

Mike Waggett
Client - MSW Interactive Designs

Jackie Harley

"My ranch, equipment and household. Twice you came through for me! Thank you, Rick!"